Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's A Real Thing

For months I have been looking forward to the moment where I got to stand by my dear friend's side as a bridesmaid at her wedding. Noelle stood by me at my wedding 13 years ago, and I stood with her 5 years ago at the wedding our our other wonderful friend. We three have a pretty special friendship going. And since I know a thing or two about being married, and how wonderfully complex the journey is, I wanted to share something that spoke in my language (poetry) straight to the bride and groom that reflected their unique connection. This is what came out, and I was delighted to share it with them on stage last night in front of all of their beloved guests. One of my favorite moments ever.

It's a Real Thing
(For Noelle and Sean, 10-4-14)

You are going to have fill-in-the-blank kind of love
You will have deconstruct your mutual stubbornness kind of love
Fresh vinyl love
Make up over wine and steak, over that-song,
Over our Family is crazy but we love them love
You've had one too many let me put you to bed love
Remember that time love
Why didn't you call, I was so worried love
You got this, babe love
Friends come to us both to cry on our shoulders love
You got a ticket again and I'm pissed but I'll get over it love
I can't decide, you decide, I trust you love
Don't you dare watch an episode without me love
He's so good at this, she's so good at that love
I haven't seen the cat since Friday, make "Lost" posters together love
This wasn't the plan but we'll make do love
You didn't think you could do it, but I did love
I think that grey in your hair is sexy love
We don't need anything or anyone to tell us this love
No one else knows me like you know me love
Across many counties and states and countries kind of love
Real and hard and good love
Noelle and Sean-style love
You will have that kind of love


Xo Leah