Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I doubt I'll end this month with a bang. That's okay by me. Here is all
I have for you today.

Two things stuck out at me today that I put in the category of "things that my
kids said that were hilarious at the time."

First George, came me very grumpily while I was tidying and said with furrowed brow, "Ugh! You made my bed all lovely. I hate it lovely. I like it crappy."

Then tonight pulled a book off of the bookshelf called King Ink by Nick Cave. She said "Nick Cave?? Like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds?" I said "Yeah, but..." and I was going to say don't read it, but she already opened it. Her eyes got wide, she'd just glanced at one page, and proclaimed "It says 'fuckers' here!! I am reading the word 'fuckers' right now!' I said "I know, that's why I told you not to read it!" and grabbed it back. She excitedly ran off to tell Papa.

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  1. you could have saved the "lovers" entry if you wanted to go out with a bang! thurston knows that i hate it when the bed is "crappy" and avoids the grump from me on that one at all costs :p