Saturday, November 19, 2011


the old house is a beast. four and a half hours today, my mom and i both, cleaning it to get it ready for a showing on sunday morning. and its not even close to being clean, its just barely show-able. its not just the sheer size, but also the oldness, of crusty gout and carpets with deep edge cracks that accumulate the potpourri of pine needles, pen caps, bobby pins, and the like. stickers on pergo are a pain the ass. and oh, the finger smears and rebel crayon art. groooooosssss. my magic eraser disintegrated before i even left the first room. i work top to bottom...spent the first 45 minutes dusting the cobwebs from the corners, and using my 20-foot dusting pole to get them from the glass panes and beams at the tip of the a-frame. not the best thing for my neck, but necessary. then i shined up the bathroom surfaces, wiped down the walls, swept, vacuumed and did some hand mopping where it was absolutely needed. still looks like a shit hole. my amazing mom tackled the kitchen, cleaning the whole fridge to perfection and washed the windows. the kids alternated between playing and fighting. i alternated between yelling and ignoring. but it's over and now my husband is rewarding us with sushi. so maybe i won't burn the energy-sucking house to the ground after all. fingers crossed the couple viewing it are crazy enough to want it!

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