Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's the fourth day and I've already fucked up. Excuses as follows: took all afternoon trying to get up internet and was finally successful after a kind lady from Comcast worked her techno-magic over the phone for me. By then I needed to head to the old house to set up for Saturday's garage sale. As my parents and I sorted and organized and hauled and disassembled...and my stress level rose, and the kids manic-ness increased, it dawned on me that the sheer volume of our crap pile was too huge properly prepare for a sale the following morning. I conceded (I hate that, probably has something to do with self-imposed rules) and postponed sale until next week. Besides, I needed to get home and put the kids to bed as I had arranged for a sitter so I could see the husband's band, Murderbait, play out in St. Johns, which is basically another country, it seems. What I didn't realize when I offered to give the babysitter a ride home was that she also lived in St. Johns. So I drove to the show, which was lovely as usual, and then drove home and then back out to St. B.F.E. to brings sitter home, and then home again. By then: 12:09am. I will not beat myself up over this. Even though I aspire and desire to obey the rules and this post is marked Nov. 5th, it is still TODAY. And this challenge is about me WRITING. And I am. And I am glad about that.

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