Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I can't remember the last time we did this: the family reading together by candlelight. It's bedtime and the power company is out fixing the frayed main ground wire coming off of the power pole. A crew of three rubber rain-suited men are out there in the sog, while we are inside in our darkened new house, all electronics oddly asleep, reading Yurtle the Turtle. Mayan is bathing by candlelight in the next room. I'm grateful that I had taken out some Virgin Mary of Guadalupe candles for Dia de Los Muerto yesterday. Blake also located his grandma's silver candelabra and I filled it with candles I always keep in a kitchen drawer. There are always matches handy since there is a cigar smoker among us. As usual, any flashlight that is locatable is dead. Since I was aware ahead of time that we would be cut off for a brief period, I had time to gather these items. But it was a reminder to me that being warned of an outage is not often the case. Now I have this vision of keeping old-fashioned but operable oil lamps in every room, just in case. I felt like Jane Eyre when the lights first went out and I made a dash for the candelabra, then stepped lightly down the hallway careful to avoid dripping wax on my inexperienced fingers or extinguishing the flames by walking to quickly. All in all, we basked in the ethereal-to-our modern-eyes light for 20 minutes, but it was possibly the most pleasant memory we've made in our new home by far.

Q: How well are you prepared to be "in the dark"?

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  1. We had the infamous san diego/socal black out a while ago. i was amazed at how much more prepared i was than i originally thought. we too operated by candle light. the led bike lights were awesome as well, for walking around. found them to be brighter and lighter in weight. we too read by candle light and it made for a very pleasant evening. it was fun to cook by candle light as well!