Monday, November 28, 2011


We named him Depeche when brought him home, but soon discovered why his shelter name was Romeo...this cat loves to hump.

Right away, I needed to be reassured by the vet that he really was fixed, to which they replied, "Absolutely. Spritz some rescue remedy around him for a few days and he'll calm down in time." But he never did and adopted the permanent name of Humper. It wasn't so much a problem, and the children are well trained to shove him away if he comes a-humpin' in the night.

Three years had gone by when we brought home Glinda, a confident, affectionate, and feminine she-kitty. It took six-weeks for them to be able to co-habitate, but I kept assuring Humper that he would like having her around, and it finally clicked. Pretty soon we'd walk into a room and see them getting busy, Humper in position and on a mission, Glinda looking up with bedroom eyes.

These lovers are a daily fixture, and we know now what is about to transpire when they start to nuzzle and kiss each others faces...but only when it's convenient do we give them any privacy. Sweet kitty lovin'!

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