Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tonight, I got married again. To the same man who I've been married to for exactly ten years to the day. 11-23. It was tiny and perfect and packed with meaning. In the heart of our new living room, our girls sat with purple chrysanthemums--mini-bouquet versions of my own--and watched as their mama and papa exchanged words of renewal and made-over wedding rings, while one other single person witnessed and facilitated: our amazing therapist. Other than the flowers, I spent no money on the decor: two of the paper stars from our original wedding hung above the fireplace, and candles were scattered throughout. Blake wore his black and gold guayabera shirt from 11-23-01. The bride wore her favorite white lacy Forever 21 dress ($20 and still kicking) and those infamous Jon Fluevog pumps.

Blake read from his iPhone, which was adorable since he's been the last person to give into technology--he has finally graduated from post-it notes. My notes were scrawled on the back of my thanksgiving grocery list, much like my original vows were. (I swear, I grew in different ways!) Our rings were refurbished with ten diamonds added around each band to symbolize every year of wedded bliss (and non-bliss.) Mayan shared an inspired piece of writing, about the world as a window and sometimes the window has cracks and bird poop on it, so you have to periodically clean it (ie keep the love flowing)...all HER words; fantastic. Anusuya read a piece from a book that had called her name from the bookshelf that afternoon, with an entry for every day of the year. When she looked up November 23rd, it was a story about two friends, one daring and one rooted in the truth and past. They helped each other grow, but at one point the daring one wanted to go out further and explore beyond what the other one could handle, so they parted and it was very sad, but over many lifetimes they eventually found their way back to each other.

I'm so grateful that it didn't take us lifetimes to find one another again. What we've accomplished, especially in the past year, has astonished me, given me the belief in the ability to awaken, rebuild, and heal. After our little ceremony, Anu led us in a ritual re-potting of a plant, that asked us all let go of something we were ready to put in the past (we wrote these on paper and buried them in the soil to decompose) and made space, psychically, to bring in something new, which we all shared with each other so we could be accountable to one another.

We celebrated with bubbly and Mexican wedding cookies, shared our wedding album from 2001, and the girls performed a dance piece. (George slept the entire time and it was best that way.) We created a moment that had everything it needed and nothing we didn't, and meant the world to our family."


  1. Love this! You two are such a great pair. <3

  2. Love. Love. Love. May the next ten be just as fulfilling as the first. And the next ten, and the next....and on and on.

  3. So happy for you both. You both give me hope that there can be love and partnership. I hope to see you both in the next year. My deepest love to you.

  4. Marraige takes work and you have worked hard to save this one with the help of Anusuya guiding you. I am grateful that your family is one and you can inspire others and lead the way. Your downsizing will help to keep the unit close. We are here for you because we love you.

  5. Ahhh, I'm so happy for you and your family! Sounds like an amazingly memorable day you all will remember for the rest of your lives! <3