Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Day

My new blog has been alive for three days and I want so badly to compose longer posts, to refine the design, to tell the story of Beyond the Milk, and explain myself. An introduction seems more natural in the beginning, but alas I have misplaced the computer modem cable and am surviving on iPhone only. I had lovely hopes for a post today that would only be complete with a picture, but uploading an image to blogger via my beloved pocket computer is not possible. I will have to be patient, and instead take a moment to briefly acknowledge my day.

It was a handsome day, sparkling with mundane wonder. One of those days where you have things to do, nothing exceptional, but it all gets done. A day where even though all the stresses present themselves, they are never too overwhelming. I didn't wake too soon or too late. I was fed by my husband two out of three meals today (and the dishes were also handled accordingly.) I had, through out the day, connecting moments individually with each member of my immediate family and also in various combinations. I had a better than average coffee. I budgeted my Target and Ikea trips properly and didn't forget anything on my list. I came close to Motherhood nirvana when I placed George in the Ikea play zone, a brand new occurrence as he has just within the last two months reached the appropriate height, and had 60 unadulterated minutes to frolic amongst the showroom and marketplace. I helped a friend. I had a period of extreme frustration over my childrens behavior and I rode that wave, in the end successfully tucking them all in feeling loved. I organized the art supply closet. I am finishing this post before the man returns from band practice. I have cookies in the cupboard.

You don't see good days coming, so it's important to give them proper respect. Thank you, good day. (Maybe tomorrow will bring me that lost blue cable.)

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