Saturday, November 12, 2011


Estate sales are weird. For the most part it was a success. Some thoughts before I retire to my deserved wine and and episode of Lost:

*I could have never pulled it off without the help of my mom and dad.

*Always have a backup for hanging the signs in case your brand new out of the package staple gun is a piece of shit.

*If you have your own children therr be prepared to have them want to reclaim various items even from the hands of customers. (A friend to swoop them away is invaluable!)

*Some of the things you had the hardest time letting go of don't even sell.

*If you don't tape them shut people will literally riffle through your cupboards.

*I click with funny, chatty older men. Almost awkwardly so.

*When it's all said and done there is still a ton of leftovers.

*Pizza is a great way to celebrate when it's all over.

*In this case, the envelope full of cash was totally worth it. But I wouldn't want to do it again anytime soon.

And, yes, I am one of those responsible people who took my signs down at the end of the day....

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