Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have amazing women in my life. I've said before that one of the most important aspects of my 20s was sorting out my friendships: figuring out who was inspiring and beneficial in my life (and fostering that) and who was bring me down (and phasing that out.) This practice has changed my I have the smartest, funniest, most creative and special women who know me, support me, and love me! This is accentuated around my birthday, especially last year when I turned 30 and invited my closest comerades to LA to fulfill a long-time dream of attending a Price is Right taping. I flew down with my best ladies--one I've known since grade school, and two others who I both met when I moved to Portland (they were already friends with each other) , and met up with my sister who lives in Santa Monica. Memories were made! As a team of travelers, we worked together seamlessly, and everyone had their own strengths and contributions. Delicious meals, shopping and an epic show taping experience... so fucking fun. Tonight my local ladies (everyone but my sister) met me for a birthday dinner one year exactly after our Price is Right adventure. Gratitude bursts forth whenever I see them. Loveliness, listening, all just clicks. Being a part of it means piles to me. Sharing a meal with these beauties...its best gift ever.

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