Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rough start

Mothers live in the details
More than you can fathom
Socks books snacks chargers Information
Keep the unit functioning
Keep the unit together, fed, watered
Keep it cool when the unit malfunctions
Vacation: one day in, already you are the unsung,
All you can cling to is the days final glorious unlonely moments,
Passionless room, all resting, finally for the love of...resting!
Resisting sleep, why would I give into tomorrow when I know what tomorrow feels and looks and sounds like?
I cling to my simple celebration of salsa and solitaire.
Somewhere beyond this polyester spread, they breath and recharge
For good or evil I'll not speculate.
I will (again) fight for the best of us.
Memories will be made.
Mothers, for fuck's sake, make vacations to remember.

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