Saturday, April 6, 2013

For Mothers

(for Pauline and Kelley's Blessing)

Beauty lies in the belly--
    the accommodation,
      the trepidation,
The foundation.

Children change us from the inside, flesh to flesh,
Then enter the world and change us on the outside,
    streak our hair and deepen our faces,
And continue to transform us beyond the surface,
   the most inward of spaces
   where lovers could never touch,
Remodeling our entire hearts,
   down to the nails.

Sewn into them, our seeds of sorrow and surrender,
    of navigation and delight,
That will thresh out of their fiber every day they step on Earth.
Mothers, they stand by, in the sticky dirt
They bind together the pieces that no one else can bind
   for they don't have the same quality of breath.
They are the framework that holds together,
    and gives birth,
To humanity's tiny masterpiece.

The mother is the language,
   and the child her poetry. 

--LKP 4/6/13

(© 2013 Leah Perlingieri and All Rights Reserved)

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