Thursday, November 28, 2013

Exactly what you'd expect

Not even going to try to be original. This is my gratitude list:

1. My husband who is also my sweetest, most intimate friend. 

2. My body, which, while it doesn't always do what I want it to do, is strong and healthy and gets me through everyday with very little issue.

3. This city, rain or shine, and always discovering new luscious corners.

4. Being able to fill a plate like this. Anyday. Wow. Amazing life.

5. Having the freedom, awareness, and ability to know what special diets my family needs to feel their best and being able to create delicious dishes that make them feel pampered and loved. 

6. Whipped cream, laughter, and this girl:

7. More laughter and also this girl:

8. Finally: technology, poetry, my beautiful home, and my super supportive friends and family. 

So much goodness in my life, it's a little stunning. Hope everyone had a fulfilling and reflective day. Xo

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