Monday, November 25, 2013

I heart: Possessions

I'll just go ahead and admit it. Beautiful things give me pleasure. Clothing, shoes, furniture, jewelry, household items, and art. If it pleases my eye, it delights me. A sign hung in the house of Payson's father-in-law "Beware of your possession, for they may possess you" or something to that effect. Today, I my iPhone was stolen from the bathroom of the library; I misplaced it there and remembered 10 minutes later, but it was gone and for the next hour no one turned it in. Perhaps it is only lost. I am not upset by this, it is only a phone with some convenient information. It is not those possessions that sway me. It is the ones of rarity and beauty, and while my phone in some ways is beautiful it is far from rare. From Blake's side of the family we have many family heirlooms--jewelry and art, that not only is lovely but collectable, and also has sentiment. We will simultaneously enjoy and carry the burden of these possessions until we pass it on to out children. Which generation will finally say "enough!" and send it all to Goodwill? Now I am chained to my laptop and want to be in bed with my husband, so I will leave this as a half-developed idea, and just end, without pictures to prove it, that I love love love beautiful things but I do not believe they possess me. Finding the beauty in people always comes first.

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