Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm not attached

I have not put an ounce of stress into this month of blogging so far. I made the "commitment" but do not feel attached to any outcome. I do typically like to finish what I start, but blogging daily AND not stressing about means the quality of content goes way down. Still, that's fine. Sure, I might have a moment where I think "oh god this is not the time for some literary co-hort to peek at the ole blog!"

I have to ask myself 'why even commit?' And the answer is that before this my blog was totally ignored. Brushing off the dust is a step toward something, if not reviving it completely, at least making some stabs--even if only four posts end up making an impact either on myself creatively or another reader--then that is certainly better than nothing. I do HAVE TO getting habit of writing without fuss, practice my natural voice on the page to keep my writing propelling forward, and I'm not spending good money on a creative writing degree for nothing. Writing has always been stitched into me, and I know that however it plays out it's going to lead me to living a more whole and complete existence: it's a path to myself and to how I relate to and effect others. Ripples. I'm not going to pull my toes from the pool anymore, the waves I make are natural, and I am creeping my way towards being unafraid.

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