Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mr. Wing

Sometimes you are ready to love someone instantly because of what they mean to someone else you love. But you don't know how they will resonate with you in the Real. Gordon, Blake's best friend from his critical young adult years, is reserved and warm and generous. He is great "uncle" material. I am having a hard time putting into words meeting someone who has a quiet and solid shared love for the person you love the most, who has offered you a great favor and asked nothing return, and who you feel should have a seat saved at every table you set, just in case they want to grace it. He is a person who lives simply and prefers solitude but I want to sweep him into our lives because he is such a pure and refreshing soul. I love B and he loves B and B loves him so I love him. Come back soon, Mr. Wing.

1 comment:

  1. Gordon is a man where still waters run so deep one can only imagine the cool water that resides there that has the ability to rejuvenate and reassure simply by touch. He is a good man to the core. I am so glad you finally got to meet another sod.....