Saturday, November 9, 2013

Poetry Friday--Saturday Edition!: Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle has quickly become my favorite new poet. I want to write her poems. She is so lyrically delightful that even when you don't understand her poems thematically from the first go, you don't care because it sounds so pretty coming off the tongue and excites rarely-touched parts of your imagination. Ruefle can talk about loneliness and instead of it feeling sad, it feels important and true and lovely. She marvels at the entire range of our condition; she is a body and mind at play in the natural world and seeks to see inside all that is around her, spiders included. I marvel. I seek. If I could be like any poet, I would be like Mary.

Long before Mickey Mouse,
long before his Creators
added gloves so his hands
wouldn't terrify us,
long before today's afternoon
when I was trying to take
a nail out of the wall
and it wouldn't stop coming
so I screamed
how much more of you can there be? 
Jesus was a kid
playing with a bent nail
in his father's shop
when a small amount of fascinating blood
started coming out of his thumb
so he turned to his dog
a puppy really
and offered the thumb to be licked--
without a word from anyone
just like that
not one adult around
to start screaming--
--Mary Ruefle, from Trances From the Blast

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