Monday, November 11, 2013

Registration Time

It's that time in the term for me, even though I'm just mid-way through my work in the current term--crafting non-fiction piece about being beside someone in grief, reading some exemplary non-fiction works, and trying to write a paper about cultural empathy--I need to chose what to take in the Winter.  This is a frustrating process for many reasons. One, the are so many amazing classes offered at Marylhurst in ALL departments, but especially in my own major which I must stay within the bounds of being that many of my old college credits were salvagable only by squeezing them into elective spots, so I don't have much room to dabble around. Also, my adviser has me on a rough schedule of what I need to take as it it comes for my concentration, but I only get to take two classes at a time and that feels painfully slow--it also feels unavoidable as I could not imagine taking more with my family obligations. I have to remind myself that slow is good, my kids are only young once, and my schooling can get more demanding in a few years when they are less dependent. And finally i am facing what I dreaded getting into this: Literature classes are hard for me. I am still a painfully slow reader and so Lit classes take SO much more of my time that writing classes. I am beginning to wonder why this is and after a conversation this weekend with some mothers about their own children and eye issues (lazy eye!) I am perculating on some ideas about the eyes and brain development, and if certain struggles I have are related--and if there is anything I can do about it. Many thoughts...but I cannot get distracted because there is already enough work in front of me today. And I smell dinner. XO

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  1. You are in the middle of such an intense long-term project! It sounds sort of like gestating...
    What a fascinating idea about the connection between eyes & brain development--I'm so curious about what you find there. xo