Sunday, November 3, 2013

Simple Sunday: You should date that person you love

I've written about this before, something like "I highly recommend dating your spouse." Blake and I got married fast, got pregnant on the honeymoon, and never dated regularly after having kids. When things got especially rough, it became clear we were more familiar with each other as that other annoyed parent in the house, than, you know, like actually fully formed and ever-changing individuals. After a decade of this and my own need to develop a other-than-motherly identity for myself, we made the commitment to go out together once every week or two. Yes, this means actually securing childcare which can be a pain. But once we pushed through the awkwardness of "hey, wow, uh,, guess what the kids did today!" we began to get comfortable being that cute married couple snuggled at the counter seat near the kitchen (we discovered we both liked this compared to tables at nice restaurants) and we found we could actually catch up on conversational shit we needed to catch up on regarding the week OR we could just talk about food and music and plans without being interrupted twenty million times by kids.

I love date night. Even if I'm low energy and have been hacking up phlegm for a week (like this week--ugh) I just like being with my sweetie and visiting new places and looking at his cute face.

So tonight it was ramen at Boke Bowl, Star Trek pinball at Bunk Bar, and a cruise through Buffalo Exchange (no luck there though!)

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  1. you two are freaking adorable. i love watching your relationship grow and change... and this advice is priceless. xo